Meet The Team

Christopher Cox // Partner
Most of my career has been involved in litigation in one form or another. Early in my career, the excitement of jury trials motivated me to become a prosecutor. I enjoyed the broad range of experience from trying a number of different cases including serious felonies and murder cases. I moved on from my career as a prosecutor and eventually, moved into civil litigation. Civil litigation covers a wide range of cases, but I handle business litigation, estate litigation, divorces, child custody, partnership disputes, and various other cases. My years as a prosecutor enables me to be at ease in a courtroom. Over the years, I have seen how litigation takes a toll on clients. Fortunately, a good majority of people do not have to see the inside of a courtroom. Unfortunately, the number of people who have to come to court is increasing. My first inclination is to determine if we can find a solution to the problem. Litigation is expensive, and it is always best to try to determine if a compromise can be reached. Unfortunately, sometimes a compromise cannot be reached and litigation is required. My clients can take comfort in knowing that my experience and compassion will serve them well. It is not necessary to be nasty to resolve your case, but it is necessary to be firm and stand your ground. The opposing attorney must know that your attorney is willing to go to trial if necessary. My experience in litigation has shown me that many contested matters involving estates and the fighting that often occurs could be avoided with proper planning. I really enjoy helping people set up their wills, trusts, health care powers of attorney, and powers of attorney. I have two small children and know that my most important job is to raise and protect them. Part of that is planning what will happen if I’m no longer here. Many people do not need estate planning for tax purposes, but everyone wants to pass on their values by taking care of their children and spouse if they are not around. I enjoy helping people structure their estate plans to set goals that their children can strive for instead of receiving their inheritance at a young age or seeing a spouse learn about financial matters and how to handle them in case they are left alone. I know too many clients whose family members did not engage in proper planning while they were alive, and it has wasted thousands of dollars unnecessarily on legal fees. Most every attorney charges by the hour for litigation, and it’s never a good feeling to know the clock is running every time you need something. Most of our estate planning is done on a flat fee basis.
Melanie Cox // Partner
Melanie D. Cox was admitted to the North Carolina Bar in 2001, after graduating from The University of North Carolina School of Law. She received her undergraduate degree from The Catholic University of America in Washington,.DC, in 1998, graduating summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and Academic All American (swimming). Melanie grew up in Charlotte, NC and was an assistant district attorney for the 20th Prosecutorial District from 2001-2007 where she tried numerous jury trials and hundreds of bench trials. She then joined the law firm of Perry, Bundy, Plyler, & Long, LLP in Monroe, NC from 2007-2015, specializing in civil litigation. In April of 2015, she and her husband, Chris Cox, opened Cox Law Firm, PLLC in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Melanie continues to focus her practice on family law, civil litigation, personal injury, wrongful death and municipal law. She and her husband Chris live in Waxhaw, NC with their two children.